Double Wing

Double Wing is a very flexible formation that Osborne added in 1997. Because the formation includes four wide receivers (two split ends and two wingbacks), the double wing forces defenses to respect it as a passing formation. The Huskers, though, use it primarily as an option formation. The WBs are aligned very tight to the formation (outside hip of the tackles), giving this one-back set the same option threat of a three-back wishbone. Air Force uses this as its primary set for its triple option wing-bone, the same offense Eric Crouch ran at Millard North.

Osborne ran Double Wing with an I-back as the single back. Solich did also until midway through 1999 when he started using a fullback instead. I have theorized that Nebraska ran some triple option from this set vs. Texas A&M in 99.

Watch for changes in this formation this fall.